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This is an article for the magazine Unlock Your Potential:

“SPINOLOGY” synonymous, of “VITALITY”
The best answer to the question “what is Spinology” is: “Spinology is essentially a way of life.”
Certified spinologists, the professional practitioners, do work with the intention of helping people enhance their lives.

Everything we do in life is included here, physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. In order to understand the concept of Spinology it is imperative to gain some important information about the functioning of the living human body. Logic is something logical, so let us follow a sequence of facts:
1-    Brain, spinal cord and nerves are the structures that harmonize and control all vital functions.

2-    Due to its delicacy, nature protects nerve tissue with bones (skull and spine).

3-   The bones of the spine (vertebrae), although its great design, can misalign and change the normal functioning of the tissues they are meant to protect (spinal occlusion)

4-   Interferences with the natural and ideal flow of messages running through the nerves imply lack of harmony and coordination in the body.

5-    The effect of this is a probably unperceived but constant reduction of our vitality.

6-   The wisdom of nature in our bodies has an innate inbuilt mechanism to “fix” these abnormalities (occlusions). The muscles of the spine start immediately puling from the vertebrae to their normal dynamics and position.

7-    Spinologists are trained, first, to recognize the action of those muscles thorough the sense of touch (Vertebraille); and secondly, to provide specific gentle impulses to assist the body in the correction of the occlusions. The actual adjustment is achieved by the body.

8-    The effects of the adjustments then, always help the body to function at its best possible.
This is the short but logic story of Spinology. Unfortunately, we human beings, expose ourselves to many dairy possible causes of misalignments that demand correction.

Maintenance is a key word in Spinology, like in many other disciplines (exercise, eating habits…). The spinologists´ offer to people is often more than what people demand. Millions of persons around the world experience the true benefits of having their spines checked on a regular basis. Families, sport clubs, enterprises…Spinology helps everybody to enjoy life.
I could spend hours writing about Spinology and its benefits for human kind but, sincerely, it all starts with you wanting to take care of yourself and experiencing a different way of being on this planet.
Simply, Spinology is a facet to incorporate to the life style opened to everyone who wishes.

Enrique Borredá
Director of European Spinology Tutorium

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